Welcome to our Newsletter page!

Our aim is to keep parents and carers fully informed of all that happens in school. Newsletters are written by the Headteacher – Mrs. Kendall.

We always contribute to the quarterly Sawston Scene magazine so that the Village are aware of what is happening at our school. Often it is the children who do the reporting and photography so do look out for this!

Every teacher writes a ‘topic letter’ or newsletter at the start of each term that goes onto the class page. This is to keep parents informed of what is planned for their child around the topics or project they will be doing that term and how parents can support and help.

Important notice

It has come to our attention that a Facebook page has been created for The Bellbird Primary School.  We would like to inform you that this has not been initiated from the school as our policy states that we will not use social networking sites.  Therefore, any information placed on this site will not have been posted from either the Governors or the staff at our school.  Please see our e safety page for more information.

General School Newsletters:


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