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School Clubs

Welcome to our School Clubs Page.

The Bellbird has many clubs for children both before and after school.

Some are free and run by school staff. Others have a cost where coaches have been bought in to lead the club.

Each half term, there is a letter sent out to parents so that children can choose what they would like to join in with.

There are some regular clubs that are always favourites such as football, multi skills,  choir and hoola hoop. Whilst others, such as cricket, depend upon the time of year.  New this term are eco-schools, Crime Club (science) and Computing.

Clubs at The Bellbird

We have a fantastic range of clubs at The Bellbird and try very hard to ensure that there is something for everyone. Some clubs are run by outside agencies whereas others are organised by the teaching staff, across the Key Stages.

Our Spring Term clubs currently include

  • Football
  • eco-schools
  • Multi Sports
  • Multi skills
  • Knitting and Sewing
  • Choir
  • Hula Hoop
  • Tennis
  • Dance
  • eco-schools
  • Crime Club
  • Computing


These clubs do change and have included Gardening, Film Club, Newspaper, and Chess.  We believe that clubs offer the children experiences that enrich and support their learning across the Curriculum so if any of you have any ideas for other opportunities, please come and speak to us!

 International Food Evening

Over recent years, The Bellbird has welcomed children and their families from many countries across the world so that at the moment there are 18 countries represented in our school!

It was decided to share this rich wealth of culture and experience with all of the children and families at The Bellbird and so an International Food Evening was born!

Mrs Martin, Inclusion Leader, was the ‘brains’ behind this and met up with some of  the Mums and Dads who became so enthusiastic that the idea grew and grew! They went off to talk with other parents and the planning meetings got bigger and bigger.

It had not been our intention for this to be a fundraising event but it to be a way of getting parents from so many backgrounds involved and knowing about our school.  The tickets payment was to reimburse the parents with the wonderful exotic ingredients they needed to buy but they were having none of this!

We were touched by how much they wanted to give back to the school and it was wonderful to see groups meeting in school to plan, see them making new friends and planning to meet up for a coffee when the children came into school.

All the children were told about the night, costumes were sent over from home countries, music was put onto CD, trips to London to buy particular spices and talk on how much to cook was all that could be heard on the playground.

Mrs Martin and I were anxious that not many would come on the night. New activities often take time to develop but when the night arrived we were absolutely packed to the door!

Families came and tried the food, recipes were swapped, Dads and children played football out on the school field, children and adults in fabulous traditional dress were everywhere, families that d not usually attend school events came to join us, it was the talk on Facebook that weekend so I hear, there were more ’hellos’ on Monday morning from people who had made new friends………….it was simply a tremendous evening and very much down to the openness and generosity of our parents from so many countries around the world!

After-School Activity Clubs:

Please note that Crime Club is using the names on the waiting list from last term.

See here for clubs running this term –  Summer 2016




“Olympic Sports Club is brilliant!”


“Football is great. We have lots of good games and I get to see my friends from other classes”


“I love doing Gardening. Planting is my favourite.”




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