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At our recent reading information evening, several parents said that they would welcome knowing which phonemes (sounds) to help with. We follow the Letters and Sounds phonic programme but use the Jolly Phonic actions to help the children remember what the phonemes are.

The Oxford Owl website has a section on Phonics made easy. There are Ten Top Tips for getting started with phonics. If you scroll down to ‘Say the sound’ you can then click on whichever sound you are not sure of. This is worth remembering for later in the year as the Phase 3 digraphs (2 letter sounds) are on there as well.

On a Friday we will send home the phonemes and tricky words that we will be covering the following week. You can support your child by thinking about objects that begin with these phonemes as well as spotting the tricky words in any books that you share with your child.

Please speak to your child’s class teacher if there is anything that you are not clear about.


Set 5 – View PDF
Set 4 – View PDF
Set 3 – View PDF
Set 2 – View PDF
Set 1 – View PDF


Teaching of reading at The Bellbird – view PDF
Reading in key stage 2 meeting with parents – view PPT
Websites to support reading at home – view PDF
Reading in key stage 1 meeting for parents – view PDF
Key stage 1 – reading presentation September 2016 – view PPT


Letter formations – view PDF
Joining letters to form words – view PDF


Teaching of phonics and spelling at The Bellbird – view PDF
Spelling posters to help your child, key stage 1 here and key stage 2 here